Ciao! My name is Liliana and I work as an Italian teacher and a web and social media editor for Just Speak Italian.

I worked for about ten years as a lexicographer editing for the realization of an Italian collocations dictionary: I dealt with database extension, improvement and updating; linguistic occurrences checking and proof reading.

I am eager and fond of all creative activities. I am fully convinced that learning a new language is part of a challenging creative process and I am here to guide you through this engaging trip. We will see that the more you know about a culture, the more you discover about the world.

Academic qualifications:

  • Master in Web Design (IED Rome, Italy)
  • BA in Foreign Languages and Italian as a Second Language (University of Palermo, Italy)

Additional professional qualifications:

  • Language teaching seminar (Solemar Academy, Cafelù, Italy)