13 Apr

Great news: Just Speak Italian is now an authorized CILS examination centre in London where you can get your Italian language certification! CILS is the acronym for “Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera” (Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language).

Are you wondering why you should get this globally recognized certification?
We have 10 reasons for you and we are pretty sure you will find at least one that suits you.

Let’s see them together!

1. To get a job in Italy

If you wish to relocate to Italy, you should consider that companies would prefer candidates who can speak good Italian for different reasons, e.g. to be able to discuss and give opinions during a meeting with people who are not very confident with English language, or to be in touch with Italian clients. So a recognized proof of your Italian fluency would be very useful!

2. To study in Italy

If you want to apply to an Italian University, you will be asked to provide some supporting documentation, and an Italian language certification is usually on the top of the list. Most universities require at least B2 level but there may be some exceptions, so before applying you should check the requirements for that specific course.

3. To find a job in a particular field (also in your own country)

When you apply for jobs like translators or interpreters, it is not unusual that the position requires the proof of a language level, especially at the beginning when you don’t have so many references yet.

4. To help you both learn and improve your Italian

If you know that you will be tested on specific topics you will keep the motivation high, and you will learn faster to achieve your goals. You tend to study harder than ever not to fail your exam. Research has shown that these efforts eventually improve your language proficiency.

5. To get citizenship in Italy

When you apply to get the Italian dual citizenship you will be asked to give proof of your Italian knowledge (at least intermediate level). The number of these applications have significantly increased in the last few years, as a matter of fact there is now a specific CILS level: CILS UNO-B1 CITTADINANZA.

6. To obtain the EC Residence Permit for long-term residents

If you need to receive the EC residence permit for long-term residents, you might be asked to furnish proof of your Italian language knowledge. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recognizes CILS A2 certification as a valid document to prove the minimum level needed for this purpose.

7. To stand out from the crowd

When it comes to get a job, you might compete with hundreds of applicants. Many companies looking for multilingual professionals tend to interview candidates who have a recognized language certification, so the Italian exam will make your resume stand out from the crowd.

8. To have your real level assessed by a third party

Especially if you are a self-learner, you might underestimate or overestimate your language level. An official Italian test would be the perfect assessment to help you know your strengths and weaknesses and to start focusing on fixing those gaps.

9. To develop academic skills in the target language

Especially if you aim to study in an Italian University the exam preparation is a perfect training for a range of practical academic skills, such as following lectures, reading and quickly grasping the main topics, giving presentations, writing essays.

10. To stay motivated

Last but not least, if you have been learning Italian for some years, at this stage you might need a good incentive to practise more: an exam is the perfect goal you might need!

Have a look at this page for more information about the CILS exams and how to enrol.