Ciao! I am Pamela, Italian teacher for children and adults for Just Speak Italian. I am passionate about teaching and learning methods since my years at the university, when I started teaching humanities in an after-school. During my journey I realized how important is to have a good method of study and, as a teacher, a positive, motivating and constructive approach. My studies and my passions have always allowed me to stay in contact with people of various cultures and after my MA degree I lived in France teaching Italian in high school classes, where I learned how to manage the class and use innovative teaching methods. For three years in London I have been teaching adults and children in 1to1 lessons and small groups, approaching people from any culture to Italian and to various aspects of culture, from art to cooking, from literature to football. I use interactive and compelling methods, such as group games, music, videos and images, to enable students to learn with fun, to be able to interact and to be pleasantly involved in their learning.

Academic qualifications:

  • BA in Modern Languages and Literatures (University of Milan, Italy)
  • MA in Comparative modern cultures and languages (University of Turin, Italy – University of Savoy-Mont Blanc, France) – Double Degree achieved with honours

Additional professional qualifications:

  • Online Update course “Maratona Didattica”– Alma Edizoni – November 2018